Engagement in the World

We encourage students to connect with the greater Chicago community thoughtfully and further develop a

commitment to our people and humanity.

The Talmud teaches that after 30 days of living in a place, the new resident is responsible to contribute to the public welfare. Students who participated in Jewish life in high-school often come to campus wanting to continue with their commitment to activism, advocacy, and community service. We believe that they can do this Jewishly.

Current Projects

As a Hillel community we believe in speaking up, getting involved, and giving back.

Below are the highlights of what we’re building right now.

Hebrew and Israel

Our Israel Fellow works with student interns to provide thoughtful programming about Israel, as well as Hebrew classes and tutoring sessions.

Social Change

From environment sustainability to anti-Semitism workshops, we are passionate about enabling students to create social change around us. 

Chicago Citizenship

We are deeply involved in the Chicago community around us, from working in educational settings to religious cooperation.