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Register for UChicago Hillel's Birthright Israel trip today!

Welcome back to campus. Classes have started and you are thinking about the end of first week, but we are thinking about winter break.

UChicago Hillel sends students on a free trip to Israel every winter and summer break through Birthright Israel. You could travel to Israel with new and old friends from campus this December!

Register today at and submit your deposit in order to have the opportunity to travel to Israel in 2 and a half months.

Interested in speaking to someone who has been on Birthright with UChicago Hillel? Email and he will be happy to set up a meeting with you and a student who has travelled with us in the past.

UChicago Hillel's Birthright Israel trip leaves from NYC and will fly on El Al Airlines to Israel. The dates of our winter trip are tentatively December 16 - December 27. You are responsible for your travel to NYC. We hope you join us!

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