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Community Building

We thrive when all voices come together and Jews from all backgrounds explore Jewish life and ideas together.

As we support individual students in building an enduring commitment to their own practice, our students build bridges across difference for the sake of Jewish peoplehood.

Creating Our Community

When we first became a People, we found kinship, purpose, and companionship within our tribes. Especially in college, students need small groups to help them feel grounded and know that they always have their ‘people’. 



JSquads are small, social cohorts within the larger community thoughtfully curated by staff and student leaders. 



We encourage students to come together based on their shared passions to connect, discuss and learn, and explore opportunities! 


Host Your Own

Students are invited to work with peer leaders and staff to create communities focused on shared interests that don’t yet exist.

Building Our Community

Building a pluralistic community takes thoughtful effort, requiring the investment of reflection, time, and mentorship.

From this firm foundation, the Jewish community on campus can play a leadership role in contributing to the

University of Chicago student culture that is known for its integrity, compassion, and inclusion.


Town Halls

Through quarterly open-forum meetings,

students are empowered to thoughtfully reflect on and improve the Hillel community.


Mensch Training

Together, we learn how to strengthen the community that we want to be a part of. In order to be a thoughtful community, we must learn how to support ourselves and each other.


Faculty Engagement 

We bring together students and faculty in a variety of ways, whether sitting together at a meal, learning from them over lunch, or attending a lecture.

Student Groups

We provide student groups with space to meet, micro-grants, leadership development, and ongoing staff support.

Whether campus-based or affiliated with a national organization, we encourage students to pursue their interests and build opportunities on campus to engage with Jewish ideas, community, and commitments.

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