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Celebrate Passover with Hillel 2024!

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We are excited to celebrate Passover with you this year! We'll be hosting Seders and meals at Hillel and want to help you host your own meals and get the Passover supplies you want. Please sign up to join us for Seders at Hillel that are accessible for all! 

If you are looking for a Seder that is Orthodox, please reach out to Rabbi Yehudah:

Passover Seder Options

Just What You Need Seder With Rabbi Anna

1st Seder Monday 4/22 at 7pm

Exactly 99 of us fit in the Hillel chapel, connecting around tables to build mini families for the night. From the first cup of wine to the Afikomen, we cover all the major steps with singing at the end. We’ll begin dinner with matzah ball soup and finish with macaroons. It’s a great time to grab a table with friends or meet new people!

Faculty and Friends Seder

2nd Seder Tuesday 4/23 at 8:30pm

Join Rabbi Anna, UChicago Faculty and Staff For the second night, we’ll be inviting faculty from across the generations to join us in our celebration. When we build mini families for the night, we’ll get a chance to look at Passover through the lens of diverse family traditions and different academic disciplines.

Small Group Seders

1st Seder Monday 4/22 at 7pm

Whether it’s your first time at a seder table, or you have many seder memories, the story of exodus from Egypt means something different every year. This seder is an opportunity to talk through some of the themes and questions about liberation, freedom, and our hopes for a better world.

Host Your Own Seder

We are excited to support you in hosting your own Seder. 

Rabbi Anna will be hosting a Seder-Hosting Prep Class at Hillel and will check in with you individually about details for that event. 

Hillel will be providing standard Seder kits that can include whatever you need to enhance your seder experience. They will be available to pick up on Monday, April 22. 

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