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Passover 2022

 This year, the holiday of Passover begins in the evening on Friday, April 15th and continues through Saturday, April 23rd.  


We are excited to be hosting a variety of options this Passover so that you can celebrate in whatever way is most meaningful to you.


Whether you have attended a Seder, a ritual Passover meal, in the past or have never been to a Seder, we invite you to join a Seder being hosted at Hillel this year. Sign Up HERE!


Come to the Hillel building for first and second night Seders that are interactive, inspiring, pluralistic and easy to follow. RSVPs are greatly appreciated but you are welcome to just show up at Hillel!


Email Lilli to learn more about all Passover happenings. 

To sign up for a Hillel seder or to host your own, please fill out this form. 

Attend a Seder at Hillel

Friday, April 15th

All Seders begin at 7:00 pm

Just What You Need Seder with Rabbi Anna (at Hillel)

Exactly 99 of us fit in the Hillel chapel, connecting around tables to build a mini-familes for the night. From the first cup of wine to the Afikomen, we cover all the major steps with singing at the end. We’ll begin dinner with home made matzah ball soup and finish with macaroons. It’s a great time to grab a table with friends or meet new people! 


Deep Dive Learners Seder with Lilli (at Hillel)

Whether it’s your first time at a seder table, or you have many seder memories, the story of exodus from Egypt means something different every year. This seder is an opportunity to talk through some of the themes and questions about liberation, freedom, and our hopes for a better world. 


Orthodox Seder (at the Auerbach's home)

Rabbi Yehudah and Hannah will be hosting a seder in their home for students looking for an orthodox Passover community. 



2nd Night Seders

Saturday, April 16th

All Seders begin at 8:00 pm

Faculty and Friends Seder with Rabbi Anna, UChicago Faculty and Staff (at Hillel) 
For the second night, we’ll be inviting faculty from across the generations to join us in our celebration. When we build mini-familes for the night, we’ll get a chance to look at Passover through the lens of diverse family traditions and different academic disciplines. 

Israeli Second Night Seder with Tamar (at Hillel)  
Tradition is that Israelis only hold one seder but this year we’ll have a second night seder that engages multi cultural traditions and brings the experience of Passover to the Great Room of Hillel. 

Learners Seder with Lilli (at Hillel)
One of the best parts of seder can be seeing  it through the eyes of a friend for the first time. This seder is designed for anyone who is new to the tradition, or wants to share seder with someone’s first experience. Invite a friend who you want to share your traditions with as the group walks through the rituals and meanings together. 

Student-led Orthodox seder (at the Auerbach's home)
Rabbi Yehudah and Hannah will be hosting a seder in their home for students looking for an orthodox Passover community. This second night seder will be led by students for those in attendance. 


Host Your Own Seder

Host Your Own Seder Prep Class - date/time TBD

Stop by to pick up your Hosting Kit 4/14

Rabbi Anna will be hosting a Seder-Hosting Prep Class at Hillel and will check in with you individually about details for that event. 


Hillel will be providing standard Seder kits that can include whatever you need to enhance your seder experience. They will be available to pick up on Thursday, April 14th. 


By participating in "Host your Own Seder", we ask that you will provide a story about your hosting experience, a picture of the event (unless your holiday observance prohibits the use of technology), and names and class-years of your Seder participants.

Sign up here!

Meals at Hillel

Monday, April 18th - Friday, April 22nd


During Passover, Hillel will be hosting light lunches throughout the week. Stop by for matzah pizza anytime! All lunches will be served at 12pm-2pm.

Kosher for Passover meals will also be served at the kosher station at Baker Dining Commons.

Look out for more information, menus, and activities To Be Announced!

Passover Programming at Hillel

Monday, April 22nd - Thursday, April 25th


Look out for more information and activities To Be Announced!