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Jewish Learning Opportunities

The content of our Jewish learning and the process of learning in community builds wisdom and connection that lasts a lifetime.

In the midst of academic course work, students thrive when engaging in Jewish learning for its own sake. As we support individual students in building an enduring commitment to their own practice, our students build bridges across difference for the sake of Jewish peoplehood. 

Ways to Learn with Us

At Hillel, we encourage students to learn together and from each other while ensuring that they access to learning with trained educators who bring a variety of life experiences. Whether students come without any formal experience, haven’t engaged since bar/bat mitzvah, or have completed years of intensive learning, we provide opportunities for growth. 


In a weekly cohort, students share dinner and discuss important ideas in Judaism.


Learning with Jewish Educators

Our incredible team of Jewish educators provide countless learning opportunities, from one-on-one text study to a Hebrew book club. 


Student-Led Learning

Student-led learning initiatives have included a weekly learning cohort, Yiddish literature discussion class, and Zionist Thinkers Group.

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