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Leadership Cohort

Our Leadership Cohort is comprised of students dedicated to creating impactful, thoughtful, and fun experiences

for students looking for a place in the Jewish community

In partnership with staff and members of the leadership cohort, we encourage anyone to bring us their ideas and we’ll work together to build together. Do you have an idea? Reach out to one of these leaders to bring it to life!


Olivia Martin

Leadership Intern

Bayle Smith-Salzberg

Leadership Intern

Jonah Sobel

Leadership Intern

Jonah Sobel is a third year in the College, and is majoring in Physics. Originally from Great Neck, NY, Jonah attended Ramaz Upper School and is proud to represent Yeshivat Orayta on campus as Ambassador to UChicago. He spent this past summer as Rosh Plugah (Head of Maintenance and Logistics) at Camp Stone in Sugar Grove, PA. Jonah is an active participant of the Yavneh minyan at Hillel, and serves as a Social Chair of the Yavneh Board. He loves eating elephant ear cookies, driving tractors, and playing Jewish geography. Jonah is excited to join Hillel's Leadership Cohort and help facilitate another year of growth and connection at UChicago!


Shira Aronson

Leadership Intern

Shira Aronson is a second year economics and religious studies major. Shira is from Toronto, Canada and is well-accustomed to consistent mocking of her Canadian accent. She loves to make newcomers feel welcome at Hillel and believes Hillel should be a place "where everyone feels comfortable enough to take off their shoes" (she firmly believes that shoes are unnecessary and overrated). When she's not planning events for Hillel, she loves to sing Hamilton karaoke, practice yoga, and confuse her friends with obscure How I Met Your Mother references. Shira's excited about creating spaces that are accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and identities!


Julia Jassey

Leadership Intern

Sam Levy

Leadership Intern
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