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Welcome from the Executive Director

Every student, with all expressions of Jewish practice, are seen, known and heard by our staff and Hillel leadership. From that place of belonging, they are challenged to grow, learn and increase their commitment to living a Jewish life that is both rigorous and nourishing. When students are facing life choices and ethical dilemmas, they have a listening ear to help them weigh their decisions.  During the time students are on campus, we partner with them to expand, elucidate, and concretize their commitments.  


As I begin my 10th year at University of Chicago Hillel, I celebrate our ongoing success in building a program that encourages a dedication to our people, and all people, in a way that is self-driven as well as communal. Our programming, leadership structures and prayer communities invite students to be creators of their own Jewish experience, grounded in the wisdom of our tradition. During my University experience, Jewish faculty served as mentors to me in a way that shaped my world view and helped me build a life of meaning and commitment. It is a privilege to share this time with students and help shape a community that inspires them to be their best selves.


This summer, my family and I have moved to Hyde Park and I look forward to being able to offer home hospitality to students throughout the year. We are glad to have you and your family as part of our Hillel community: composed of alumni, parents, students, campus partners, faculty and anyone who values a thriving Jewish community on campus.


Please reach out to me personally so I can learn more about the role that our community plays in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.



Rabbi Anna Levin Rosen

Executive Director 

Anna Headshot 2019.jpg

Our doors are wide open and I am always thrilled to be part of the team of staff and students helping incoming students connect. In the first several weeks on campus, student seek out places that are familiar and caring where they feel a sense of belonging.  From our Move-In weekend open houses, to our late night Falafel fest, in the first few weeks each year we offer hospitality to hundreds of students. In this time they build friendships, find communities and learn that they have family on campus.  We maintain these foundational relationships with our students throughout their four years on campus. 

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