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Passover with the UChicago Hillel Community

All over the world, our Exodus story has been told at the table of Jewish families and we know that no two family seders are exactly alike. No matter where students are from, or what they are looking for, Hillel is offering comfortable homey seders that make memories for a lifetime.

We’re offering a diversity of seders, study breaks, speakers and celebrations – students can find our events on social media.

In addition to holding seders in the building we empower upperclass students to host in their apartments; providing everything they need and training to feel comfortable leading.

First Night Seders

Just What You Need Seder

With Rabbi Anna

Deep Dive Learning Seder

Led by Lilli and other students

Traditional Seder

Rabbi Yehudah and Hannah

Second Night Seder

Faculty and Friends

With Rabbi Anna

Israeli Seder

Led By Tamar

Learners Seder

Led By Lilli

Traditional Seder

Members of Yavneh Minyan

Inviting you to seder is act of hospitality; payment for the meal shouldn’t be part of the equation. We appreciate the Alumni, Parents, Faculty and students who choose to make meaningful gifts to ensure that everyone can ‘come and eat.’


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